Monday 27 November 2017

Installing the DEV C++ IDE

DEV C++ is a free C and C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Windows and Linux operating system. It supports the source code editor and compilation of C and C++ programming languages. It also executes the C and C++ programs itself. It is available with the GCC compiler which is used to compile both C and C++ programs.

Follow the steps described bellow to install the DEV C++ IDE in your computer. 

  1. Search for DEV C++ on Google. And you could choose any option to download the .exe file.
  2. I'm choosing to download from Bloodshed Software. Then download the latest version.
  3. Download the .exe file from SourceForge link.
  4. Then save the .exe file to your local drive.
  5. After that Run the .exe file to install the IDE.
  6. Select English as the Installer Language, then the installation process would start. Then click the "I agree" button.
  7. Then click Next and proceed to Install process.
  8. After that click on Install. At the time of the installation process, you could choose the destination folder path.
  9. The Installation process would go on.
  10. Then click finish to complete the installation process.
After finishing the installation process, you have to select the path of your souce code folder, so that at the time of compilation, the compiler could easily detect the source file.