Monday, 27 November 2017

Run the 1st Program using Dev C++

After installing and setting up the compilation path, now you have to open the Dev C++ IDE.

  1. Search for Dev C++ application on the start menu. Otherwise, you could get the DEV C++.exe application file at the installed folder.
  2. When you open the Dev C++ for the first time, you have to set up a few processes. Just let the defaults as usual and just click Next and follow the screenshots shown below.
  3. Once the setup process would complete, the Dev C++ IDE will open like bellow.
  4. After opening the Dev C++ IDE, click on File --> New --> Project to start a new project.
  5. A new window would appear. On that window, click on Console Application. Then in that window, select the C Project radio button for C Program and C++ Project for C++.
  6. If you have to make only one Language project, then just check on Make Default Language. And then click on Ok button to save the project.
  7. Then it would show you the Path, where you have to save the Project. Then click on Save button.
  8. Then the main.c file would appear. In that main.c window, there must be some predefined codes. You could write the code as per your choice.
  9. Then you have to save your file before compilation.
  10. After saving the file, now it's the time for compilation. For the compilation, you have to go to Execute --> Compile. You could use the shortcut key F9 for compilation.
  11. At the time of compilation, you could abort the process also.
  12. After compilation, you could run the file for execution by following Execute --> Run. Otherwise, use the shortcut key F10 to run.
  13. There is another option Compile & Run to compile and run at a time. F11 is the shortcut key for this.
  14. After compilation, the output would appear in a new console.