Sunday 26 November 2017

How to Type Odia Script in Computer

It was the biggest problem to type in Odia on the computer since years. There were some typing tools like Akruti to type in Odia, but those are not supporting on the Internet. Because those are not in Unicode format. But, Microsoft had introduced a new typing tool to type in Odia. That typing tool is accessible for all with free of cost also. Just open the "BhashaIndia" website and there are all the typing tools for Indic languages.

Step- 1:

To install Microsoft Indic Tool for Odia, Go to Google and type, "Microsoft Indic typing tool for Odia".

Otherwise, you could click on the Bhasha India Site,

Step- 2:

It would show you a number of options, you have to choose one. 

Step- 3:

After that, you could see the "Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool for Odia". Click on the Download Now link box.

Step- 4:

Automatically the Download Process would start.

If the download process won't start, then click on the click here option to start download manually.

Step- 5:

Then a file would appear to be downloaded. 

And you have to download that file.

Step- 6:

After it completes the download process, Run the downloaded file.

Then It would extract the files. 

After extracting, it would prepare all files to install by itself.

 After that, the Installation process would goon automatically.


Step- 8:

When the installation process would complete, it would show you a Finishing Dialog box.

Step- 9:

After that go to Control Panel.

Step- 10:

In Control Panel, there is "Clock, Language and Region" Tab.

In that tab, click on "Change Keyboards or Other Input Methods."

Step- 11:

Then a new dialog box would appear.

Step- 12:

In that dialog box, click on the "Change Keyboards" button.

Step- 13:

Then another dialog box would appear, where you have to add the new keyboard.

Step- 14:

Click on the Add Button.

Step- 15:

Then a number of Languages would display and under every language, there are a few keyboards.

Step- 16:

After selecting Odia, click on OK button.

Step- 17:

After that, it would show you the Language option on the Right side of your Task Bar.

Step- 18:

Click on that link and it would show you a Pop-up menu containing all language option. You have to choose Odia from that menu.

Step- 19:

Then you could type in Odia Script using your English Keyboards.

You could take the help of the Video which is prepared in Odia Language. The video is given bellow.