Thursday 23 November 2017

How to Type Odia Script in Mobile

It was a big problem since years to type in Odia script in our mobile. But, within these 2 to 3 years the mobile manufacturing companies provide the support of Odia script on mobile. After that some application were developed to type in Odia script. 

Among all the applications, Gboard- the Google Keyboard designed by Google, provides a better facility to type in every Indic languages like Odia, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali etc as well as English. 

In this toutarial, I've taught about the installation process and some guidance to type in Odia script. Hope the video would help you more.

The Basic Processes: 

Step- 1:

First Open the Google Play Store for Android Devices.

Step- 2:

Then click for the search bar to enter the searching item's name.

Step- 3:

In the search bar, type "Google Keyboard".

Step- 4:

Then open "Gboard- the Google Keyboard. And then click Install.

Step- 5:

After Installing, go to settings.

Step- 6:

In the settings tab clik on "Language & Input". 

Step- 7:

Then in the "Keyboard & Input mathods" section, click on "Current Keyboard"

Step- 8:

After that a choosing dialog box would appear. There you could choose all your available keyboards.

Step- 9:

In that dialog box, you also could choose, the keyboards which are already installed on the device.

Step- 10:

If your Google Indic Keyboard isn't activated, then just ativate that, by clickin on the right side swith button.

Step- 11:

Now, your all settings are ready. Then just Open note pad or any appliction like What's app, Facebook, Message box, where you would like to type in Odia.

Step- 12:

Then the keyboard would appear, there you could click on the language option to change the keyboard language.

Step- 13:

Then the Odia keyboard would appear.

Step- 14:

You could choose form the Indic language section and could select the other Languages also.

Step- 15:

In Odia section, there are two types of keyboards like Pure Odia Keyboard and Phonetic Keyboard. The phonetic key board refers to the keyboard, which gives the facility to type in English and it converts them to Odia script.

Better, you could follow the video shared bellow to get the fully process.